Friday, October 25, 2013

BAD KID at Artisphere in Virginia 11/22-23

BAD KID is coming to Arlington, Virginia this Fall. The show will have a weekend run at Artisphere over the weekend of November 22nd. Myself and the show's director and co-writer, Josh Matthews, will also be offering an afternoon workshop for writers and performers interested in creating solo pieces of their own.

BAD KID at Artisphere
Friday Nov. 22 / Saturday Nov. 23

Tickets and Information HERE

From the Artisphere press release:

Bad Kid is the hilariously heartwarming tale of a goth boy who dreamed of being anywhere but the middle of Texas in 1991. The setting is specific but the story is universal as David Crabb reflects on rebellion, sexuality, friendship and what it means to grow up different and alone—just like everyone else.
Related Program:
Master Workshop with David Crabb & Josh Matthews
SAT NOV 23 / 1PM / $20 / Black Box Theatre
Buy Tickets
In this active and intimate workshop in conjunction with David Crabb's Bad Kid, we will look at the fundamentals of storytelling through character. We will look at how we can create satisfying stories by inhabiting character and creating space through our voice and body.

Wear clothes you can move in and come ready to share moments from your life that are fun, tragic, beautiful or ridiculous.

Facilitated by David Crabb and Josh Matthews

BAD KID in the AFO Salon in NYC 11/7

I'm thrilled to be invited to perform a portion of BAD KID in the All For One Festival Salon at Cherry Lane Theatre on Thursday November 7th at 7pm. The festival advisory board consists of personal heroes like Whoopi Goldberg, John Leguizamo and Lily Tomlin. So needless to say, I am over-the-moon honored.

BAD KID at AFO Festival Salon

Thursday Nov. 7th at 7pm
Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC
Tickets and information HERE

"The All For One Theater Festival presents outstanding solo shows that inform and inspire, together with workshops and panels to enhance the development and appreciation of solo performance. The festival serves as a curated gateway to a network of performing and teaching opportunities that All For One has begun, and will continue, to build. - See more at:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bad Kid is a New York Times Critics Pick!

The New York Times has selected "Bad Kid" as one of their Critics Picks and ran the review in today's issue! Check out the article online with the picture above of me making the exact same face I made when I found out!

New York Times "Bad Kid" review

Hooray for Bad Kid!!!

The reviews are rolling in...

"Bad Kid" is getting some great reviews for it's 2012 run at Axis Theatre.

Flavorpill calls the show "highly entertaining."

"Behind the many laughs, a poignancy creeps in through Crabb's affectionate portrayals of the fellow outcasts who became his essential support system."

Curtain Up loved the show too and says you'll "jump in for the joyride."

"Crabb’s words simply pop in a magical way when he performs them. If reading his script is the equivalent of driving in a Camaro, then watching him perform it is like speeding down the Autobahn in a Lamborghini."
-Curtain Up

More to come y'all. Hang on to your Ankhs for a wild ride!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Become a Bad Kid donor!

Over the next few weeks there is much to be done and money to spend.
But Bad Kid lost his newspaper route gig because his cape kept getting caught in his bicycle chain.
Then Bad Kid got axed from his job at Borders because he talked too many girls wanting Taylor Swift CD's into purchasing Bauhaas's "Bela Lugosi's Dead" singles.
Then he got fired from his office temp job for trying to pierce his lip with a paper clip in the break room. It was a bloody mess.

Bad Kid is shedding literal fountains of black tears over this.

Axis Theatre is generously producing the show, but there are still some things to pay for. And this is where your help comes in handy.

Over at our funding page, your donation will help pay additional production costs, travel costs for the director, fees for press materials, a stage manager, posters, etc. The small stuff adds up and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Remember... NO donation is too small. Even 5 bucks will mean the world to Bad Kid. No kidding. Check out the page here:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sara Barron props.

The show is shaping up and I can't thank those of you who've already donated enough! New trailers are set to launch next week and the postcards just came in a huge box.

In the utterly flattering "toot-my-own-horn" department, acclaimed author (the hilarious "People Are Unappealing"), humorist and Moth host Sara Barron had this to say about the upcoming production:

"To sit in an audience and listen to David Crabb tell a story, is to think to oneself, 'Ah, yes: Now that's how it's done. Here's a man with an unfair amount of talent.' It's lucky for him, and lucky for those of us who get the chance to watch him work."

Wow, um... thanks. I'm blushing.

There's only one way to know if she's completely full of bull- come to the show on October 28th! Can't wait to see you.

Love, Bad Kid

PS- More info on Mizz Barron is here:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

West Memphis Three Freed!

BAD KID congratulates three of our all-time favorite Goths: Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr., and Jason Baldwin. Otherwise known as the West Memphis Three. These poor guys were imprisoned by a bunch of Arkansas hicks for almost 20 years after they were falsely accused of murdering three boys in 1993. Apparently they wore too much black and owned way too many Metallica albums to be trusted.
They were finally freed this week in a bizarre scenario in which they plead guilty but were then allowed to maintain their innocence. It's apparently some bullshit, arcane legal device known as the "Alford Plea."
Lesson to be learned about hill-billies and bigots: After enough pressure, they'll do the right thing, but they'll do it "their way."

If you haven't seen the films about their plight; "Paradise Lost: The Robin hood Murders" and "Paradise Lost 2: Revelations," do it now. They're great documentaries that really convey the danger of living "differently" in a community of close-minded and under-educated people.
Congrats boys. Now go LIVE your lives!

More info at